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energy reduction and saving

Complete monitor and control over your energy usage without compromise


safety and security

Alway connected! your devices will send a notification each time something happens


Luxury and comfort

Lesss things to worry about you will have more tiem to focus on the things that matter. Like your family!


home entertainment

From music to streaming your lights/tv/sound will adjust automatically 

Features of Cleverhives

Complete features and explanations for the CleverHives devices

Plug and Play

Easy connect and it just works!

Flexible and Expanding

One more devices, no restrictions

Security encrypted

Level 34 Encryption level

Aapp and mobile alerts

Always connected in real time

Plug Easy Configurationand Play

No configuration needed!

Wired and Wireless

Multiple choice available

Ai improved scenarios

Let Cleverhives learn and you will be impressed

Weather Aware

Scenarios for weather changes

Supported Brands

We are constantly working to test and add new devices to our supported list





Strada Eliberarii 21, Bloc IV31, Sc B
Constanta, 900178, Romania

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